Allard de Ridder

violist with the Quartet from 1941-1944

Allard de Ridder studied violin and conducting in Holland and at the Cologne Conservatory. Following conducting appearances at Arnheim, The Hague and Anseterdan, he immigrated in 1919 to the USA where he became assistant conductor and violist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

In 1933 he was appointed conductor of the Vancouver Symphony and was responsible for building this orchestra into a major Canadian performance group. In 1942 he left for Toronto to join the Hart House String Quartet as violist following Milton Blackstone's retirement. Here he earned his Doctor of Music (University of Toronto) in 1945. When the quartet disbanded he left Toronto to take up a post as conductor of the newly formed Ottawa Philharmonic.

In 1952 he returned to Vancouver where he organized and conducted the Holland Choir.



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